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Flowey is everywhere :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 Chibi Marinette and Adrien (cyborg) :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 (Secret) Cyborg Adrien :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 Cyborg Marinette :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 Cyborg Ladybug (sketch) :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 My Lady, You've shrunk! :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 1 0 Miraculous Love :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 1 0 A Puppet's Life For Me :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 2 Crayon pony is best pony :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 GrubStuck :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 After Us :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 Flowey is still learning :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 SephCloud bookmark :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 March Eridan Petstuck :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 0 Cloud Bunny and Squall Kitty :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 1 0 Bentalalio-chan :iconkawaiidemonfox:KawaiiDemonFox 0 2


Price of Pranks Law x Reader
You accompanied your captain Law and Straw Hat Luffy on their journey to Dressrosa after they agreed to form an alliance to take down Doflamingo. During the journey Law made the fatal mistake of allowing you to talk with the rubber captain causing you to form your own alliance in playing pranks on everyone on the Sunny.
After going through the list of victims the only one you two haven’t pulled a prank on was the Surgeon of Death himself. You and Luffy left the kitchen and onto the deck where Law is sitting with his back against the railing and using his hat to cover his eyes while taking a nap.
You snicker as you pull out a baguette from your bag. “This will be good.”
Luffy tilts his head. “How is bread gonna prank Traffy?”
You smirk while using your wind devil fruit powers to make the bread fly. “Just watch and enjoy the show my rubber friend.”
You make the bread float right in front of your sleeping captain’s face causing him to stir a
:iconmorianna19:morianna19 43 13
sweet dream :iconmo-na-me:mo-na-me 192 6 The Walking Dreamworks : Tigress and Viper :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,123 104 The Walking Dreamworks : Hiccup and Astrid :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,771 108 The Walking Dreamworks : Jack and Toothiana :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,331 126 The Walking Disney : Kida and Milo :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,389 58 The Walking Disney : Peter, Wendy and Alice :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,618 169 The Walking Disney/Pixar : Merida and Rapunzel 2 :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,619 409 The Walking Disney : Nani, Lilo and Stitch :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 2,065 135 The Walking Disney : Jim and Ariel :iconkasami-sensei:Kasami-Sensei 1,520 125 DP: I can wait :iconcartoonfreakshow:CartoonFreakshow 86 79
Mature content
To be Free (Ace x Reader) 5 :iconrawrimaotaku:RawrImaOtaku 8 0
All you had to do was just ask :iconcartoonfreakshow:CartoonFreakshow 190 75 Bad Boys Just Want To Dance :iconcartoonfreakshow:CartoonFreakshow 128 22 Commission Fullmetal Alchemist :iconnicoyguevarra:nicoyguevarra 119 22 CLOUDia :iconnicoyguevarra:nicoyguevarra 109 27


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Flowey is everywhere
Just when I thought I escaped Flowey's clutches he appears in a toy machine!
(Secret) Cyborg Adrien
Yay more Fanart. These doodles would be inked out if I could find my pen but I can't so oh well.
Cyborg Ladybug (sketch)
Inspired by a fanfiction I found on Archive Of our own that for some reason I can't find again to give you guys a link to. Imagine how adorable and deadly she would be as a cyborg?
Has anyone noticed how people spend so much time adding the smallest detail into a drawing just to give it that pop, yet there are still the simple drawings, although without much detail, still have the amazing technique an artist has put into it? As a sketch artist I see those small details and admire the handiwork but still prefer the simple design because it holds such the same creativity and hard work even without the fancy shading and design. That isn't to say detail is bad, detail can be breathtaking and really show how far the artist has come. However simple designs can also hold the same impact but on a smaller scale.


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Kora Knight
United States
A writer who wants to put her fan ideas out there and maybe original work every now and then


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